Borough Ordinances

The Borough Code is codified through December 8, 2003 and is available at the Borough Hall. You may also view it online as a 394 page PDF  (Note: allow time for it to download.)

Ordinances passed since December 8, 2003 have not yet been codified and are available for viewing at the Boro Hall.



Title                                                                                                                  Effective Date

Ordinance 01-2017 – Containers for Municipal Waste                           6-06-2017

Ordinance 02-2017 – Disconnection of Electrical Service                      7-10-2017

Ordinance 03-2017 – Light Industrial Use District                                   7-10-2017

Ordinance 04-2017 – Sewer Laterals                                                           8-07-2017

Ordinance 05-2017– Loan Refinance Capital Improvements/Sewer Plant