Electric Rate


WHEREAS, The Borough Council of the Borough of Catawissa has the authority to regulate rates and charges in the operations of its utilities (the Borough Code, Article VII, Section 1202.2); and

WHEREAS, the Borough Council has determined that the imposition of new rates is necessary for the good of the Borough; and

WHEREAS, the Borough Council, in consultation firm, has determined an increase in the rate structure in order to pay in increase in the power supply charge; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, and it is resolved, that the following rates shall be imposed for the use of electricity.

The price per kilo-watt hour (kWh) shall be amended for all classifications including residential, small power, and large power and the demand charge (KW) for the small power and large power classifications as set herein below.

Base Rate – $20.02 per month
First 200 kWh – $0.1495 per kWh
Over 200 kWh – $0.1357 per kWh

Base Rate – $26.38 per month
First 600 kWh – $0.1497 per kWh
Next 85000 kWh – $0.1300 per kWh
All Additional kWh – Borough power supplier cost per kWh plus $0.01344 per kWh
All KW over 3 KW – $6.05 per KW

Base Rate – $319.18 per month
First 5600 kWh – $0.1315 per kWh
Next 28000 kWh – $0.1162 per kWh
All addtl. kWh – $0.0850 per kWh
All KW – $6.05 per KW