Permits & Licenses

Overview of Zoning & Building

In the past, building and zoning permits were incorporated in one permit. However, since the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC), Act 45 was implemented in 2004, the two permits are now issued separately. A zoning permit is required by the Borough prior to any construction or installation activity to ensure conformity with the Borough’s Zoning Ordinance. Some construction that takes place, such as accessory structures less than 1,000 square feet or roof replacement, may be exempted from the building code and building permits, but proper set-back distances, height, use, and other zoning issues must still be complied with. Regardless of whether the construction that takes place requires a building permit, it may still require a zoning permit. Contact a Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer for more information about zoning permits.

Once a zoning permit is issued, Catawissa property owners must contact Tri County COG IBC Inspection Service to determine if a building or demolition permit and/or an inspection is required. Catawissa Borough Council has selected Tri County COG IBC Inspection Services to ensure that the UCC is properly enforced in the Borough.

Zoning Permit

Property owners must complete a Zoning and/or Demolition Permit Application for all new structures and those that change in dimension due to renovation. Zoning Permit Applications are also available from Borough Hall. Part of the application incorporates a site plan that shows the location of the proposed construction including the setback distances from each property line. Applications are reviewed for compliance with the applicable regulations of the Zoning Ordinance. See Zoning Permit Fee Information  for the cost of zoning permits or contact the Zoning Officers

Building Permits

When a zoning permit is issued, property owners must contact Tri-County COG IBC Inspection Service to determine if a building or demolition permit and/or an inspection is required by the UCC. Tri-County COG provides applications for building or demolition permits or inspections and will answer all questions pertaining to the UCC. Property owners must show proof of a valid Catawissa Borough Zoning Permit with their application.

Tri-County COG-IBC Inspection Service
170 Train Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815
Stephen Bielskie (Commercial) or Stephani Davis (Residential)
Phone 570-784-8654 (Toll-free 866-784-8654) Fax 570-784-8656

Zoning & Code Enforcement Officers

Catawissa Borough has one officer. Call the Office (570-356-2561) for his schedule.

Zoning & Code Enforcement Contact Form

Should you have questions or concerns, you may use the following form to contact the Borough Office, and the appropriate person will be notified.