Effective January 6, 2016 — Gary Steinruck, Council President, Linda Kashner, Council Vice-President (revised April 11, 2016 with appointment of Linda Neyer to Council)

PERSONNEL & FINANCE – Linda Kashner, Barbara Reese, Gary Steinruck
Personnel managements, discipline, etc. / employee benefit/ employee safety/ contractual agreements/ capital projects, administrative operations, financial, grants, loans & investments/ pension administration/ insurances, budget development and review.

PUBLIC SAFETY — Doug Krum, Joe Benware, Jay Roberts
Police: Budget/Capital Projects/Collective Bargaining/Fire Protection/ Ambulance/ Emergency Management

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT — Barbara Reese, Doug Krum, Linda Neyer
Main Street Program/Land Acquisition and Development/ Economic Development/ Residential, Commercial and Industrial Programs/ Brownfield Development/ Strategic Planning

UTILITIES — Barbara Reese, Linda Kashner, Gary Steinruck
Utilities: project coordination, equipment acquisition, capital project, operations

PARKS & RECREATION — Linda Kashner, Jay Roberts, Linda Neyer
Parks/Playgrounds/ Senior Center/ Recreation (sports, carnival, picnics, music, cultural

PROPERTY/BUILDING MAINTENANCE — Gary Steinruck, Joe Benware, Doug Krum
Building Maintenance (not capital-repair, replace, etc.) Sidewalks/Erosion/Vegetation/Landscaping

***Note*** When requested, the Borough Manager will attend meetings of all committees with the right to take part in the discussions. (Ordinance 2007-03)