Chief Laidacker 20 Years of Service

Mayor Todd Burke presented Police Chief Josh Laidacker with a certificate of appreciation for his 20th year anniversary of serving on the Catawissa Borough Police Department. Chief Laidacker was also presented with an Engraved Desk Pen and Name Card Holder. If you see Chief Laidacker make sure to congratulate him and thank him for helping keep Catawissa Borough residents safe!

Columbia County Traveling Library

The Columbia County Traveling Library is a valuable tool for education and enjoyment throughout the County.  Please visit as often as possible. Click on the link below for the dates and times the Library will be in the Catawissa Borough.  If you would like more locations please contact the Library at (570)387-8782.

Columbia County Traveling Library Website

Note that browsing in person will not be available until further notice because of the rise in Covid-19 cases. See letter below for details.

Message from Ammon Young, Library Director

Because we are experiencing a surge in Covid-19 cases and Geisinger is nearing system-wide capacity, we feel the responsible thing to do is to limit services to pick-up and drop-off only with no in-person browsing by patrons. The schedule for the library and bookmobile will stay the same as it has been recently.

Patron pick-up and drop-off will be from a table at the inner library entrance or at the front window of the bookmobile.

The N4Cs Library is not available because the N4Cs is closed for Covid-19 mitigation. Books may be requested for pickup at the County Library or Bookmobile.

Any requested library item can also be picked up at the Orangeville Public Library.

Many of our users are now experienced with reserving books through the catalog, and we strongly recommend doing that. We can show you how to do it if you would like.

You can browse the online catalog via our website and view results by author, by keyword or subject search, or by doing a copyright search for 2020 to see the latest new books. You can limit to books that are on the shelves (‘In’), by Fiction or Non-Fiction, and by Adult, Children, or Young Adult. We can also take requests by phone or email. Staff can also pull ‘mystery bags’ for adults and children with personalized recommendations based on your reading history.

Staff and volunteers will continue rigorous precautions as we handle the books. All returned items will be quarantined for at least four days, which is a research-based timeframe after which the virus is no longer transmissible on surfaces of library books. To be extra safe, you can choose to quarantine library items in your home for four days after receiving them. You should not need to wipe down or do anything else to sanitize the books, but it is ok to wipe down the mylar or vinyl covers.

It is highly unlikely that the state will shut the library down completely, but we do not know what the coming weeks will bring. We strongly suggest that you stock up with 4-8 weeks of books just in case. This will also reduce the number of visits which is safer for everyone. The loan period has been extended to eight weeks and fines are suspended through January 31.

Finally, thanks to several volunteers, we have the capacity to offer contact-free home delivery to about 20 individuals who are particularly vulnerable because of age, medical conditions, or lack of transportation. Email or call 570-387-8782 to request to be paired up with a volunteer who can help you request books as well as deliver them to you.

On behalf of our staff and board members, please be safe. We care about you. And we hope that reading or listening to books will bring you some pleasure during this challenging time.


Starting Monday, January 25, our Catawissa area bookmobile stop will temporarily move from Rohrbach’s Farm Market to the Catawissa Christian Church, which is at 319 Main St. next door to the Catawissa Branch of First Columbia Bank. The bookmobile will be in the parking lot behind the church from 12-6pm. You can park in the lot off the alley between the bank and the church. The bookmobile is still not open for browsing, but you can pick up and drop off books there and staff can pull books for you on site. When Rohrbach’s re-opens in the spring, we will move back there.

No appointment will be needed to use the County Library at 702 Sawmill Road.

Curbside and home delivery services are still available upon request.

There will be a limit of 5 people at a time (including staff and volunteers) in the library so there may be a short wait if the library is full.

The limit will not apply to quick transactions like returning books or picking up reserved books.

Everyone must wear a mask that covers their face and nose, must sanitize hands upon entering, and must stay 6 feet apart unless they are part of the same household.

The Library can help you access free online e-books, audiobooks, and video books for kids via our website at — click ‘Online Library’ at the top of the page.

Bookmobile Schedule

The Bookmobile is operating on a limited schedule for pick-up and drop-off only.

The Bookmobile is off the road for winter break until January 4.
This schedule will be updated for January-March by Dec. 23 at 3pm.


Week A                                                                                                                                                                                       Jan. 25 | Feb. 8 & 22 | Mar. 8 & 22                                                                                                                                            Starting Monday, January 25, our Catawissa area bookmobile stop will temporarily move from Rohrbach’s Farm Market to the Catawissa Christian Church, which is at 319 Main St. next door to the Catawissa Branch of First Columbia Bank. The bookmobile will be in the parking lot behind the church from 12-6pm. You can park in the lot off the alley between the bank and the church. The bookmobile is still not open for browsing, but you can pick up and drop off books there and staff can pull books for you on site. When Rohrbach’s re-opens in the spring, we will move back there.

Week B – Benton Area                                                                                                                                                           Feb. 1 & 15 | Mar. 1, 15, & 29                                                                                                                                                       12–6pm
Country Fresh Market
4435 Red Rock Rd., Benton PA 17814


Every week
County Library
702 Sawmill Rd., Bloomsburg, PA 17815
(Come to library entrance.)


Week A – Mifflinville/Lime Ridge Area                                                                                                                               Jan. 28 | Feb. 11 & 25 | Mar. 11 & 25
Mifflinville Fire Hall
605 Market St., Mifflinville PA 18631

Week B – Millville Area                                                                                                                                                          Jan. 21 | Feb. 4 & 18 | Mar. 4 & 18
Millville Christian Church
245 E. Main St., Millville PA 17846

County Library Hours

(702 Sawmill Rd, Bloomsburg – near Lightstreet)

Monday – Tuesday   9am–3pm
Wednesday   12–6pm
Thursday – Saturday   9am–12pm

Pick-up and drop-off only at library entrance in lower parking lot in the rear of the building.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations

If more convenient for you, we’ll leave the book for you to pick up from a community partner near you. You can drop off  your books and other items there also!

Orangeville Public Library
301 Mill St., Orangeville
Monday – Thursday  2:00 – 7:00 P.M.
Saturday 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.
(Book drop available in lobby at other hours.)

N4Cs Community Center   (CURRENTLY CLOSED)
42 Community Dr., Benton
Monday – Thursday  6:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Friday 6:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Saturday 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Catawissa’s Little Free Library

Haley Conner & Eliza Fenstermacher of Girl Scout Troop 60084 did an AWESOME “Book Box” they designed, erected and donated to the Catawissa Borough for it’s residents to use. The Book Box is located next to Catawissa Borough Hall. Thank you so much to these girls and the Girl Scout Troop 60084!! 

Draft Council Meeting Minutes

There have been many questions about draft meeting minutes. Draft meeting minutes are not a public record according to the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law Section 708(A) (see below). Once meeting minutes are approved by majority vote the minutes become public record. Unless meeting minutes fall under Governor Wolf’s Act 15 (see below), please note the Bold type. That is the only time draft minutes will be posted before a vote is taken to approve meeting minutes.

Approved previous month’s meeting minutes will be posted the day after approval on this website. Approved meeting minutes can be discussed at the next month’s Council Meeting and corrections if needed can be approved by Council then.

ACT 15 – signed by Governor Wolf

Local Government Meetings.


Section 5741 allows a borough council, authority, planning commission, zoning hearing board or other entity of the municipality to meet remotely by telecommunications device. A physical quorum is not necessary, however, a quorum must be established on the telecommunications device to conduct business. Telecommunication device is defined as any device which permits, at a minimum, audio communications between individuals.

Notice must be given of public meetings held under this section. Public notice includes either on the borough’s website or in the newspaper of general circulation or both. If you have a website you should post the meeting notice on your website and a newspaper of general circulation. If you do not have a website, notice must be placed in a newspaper of general circulation. The notice must include the meeting date, time, technology to be used, and how the public may participate. To the extent possible, the borough council, planning commission or zoning hearing board must allow for public participation through the telecommunications device or written comments.

Written comments may be submitted to the physical address of the local government or a designated e-mail address. Draft minutes from any meeting held under this section without advanced notice to the public to address issues related to the COVID-19 emergency must be posted within 20 days of the meeting or before the next regularly scheduled meeting, whichever is earlier. Posted seems to imply on a local government website. If you do not have a website, we suggest posting them in the borough hall or office to comply with this section.



Pennsylvania’s New Right to Know Law

Section 708. Exceptions for public records

(10) (i) A record that reflects:

(A) The internal, predecisional deliberations of an agency, its members, employees or officials or predecisional deliberations between agency members, employees or officials and members, employees or officials of another agency, including predecisional deliberations relating to a budget recommendation, legislative proposal, legislative amendment, contemplated or proposed policy or course of action or any research, memos or other documents used in the predecisional deliberations.

(B) The strategy to be used to develop or achieve the successful adoption of a budget, legislative proposal or regulation.

(ii) Subparagraph (i)(A) shall apply to agencies subject to 65 Pa.C.S. Ch. 7 (relating to open meetings) in a manner consistent with 65 Pa.C.S. Ch. 7. A record which is not otherwise exempt from access under this act and which is presented to a quorum for deliberation in accordance with 65 Pa.C.S. Ch. 7 shall be a public record.

(iii) This paragraph shall not apply to a written or Internet application or other document that has been submitted to request Commonwealth funds.

(iv) This paragraph shall not apply to the results of public opinion surveys, polls, focus groups, marketing research or similar effort designed to measure public opinion.

(21) (i) Draft minutes of any meeting of an agency until the next regularly scheduled meeting of the agency.
(ii) Minutes of an executive session and any record of discussions held in executive session.

LIHEAP 2020-2021 Information

Please be advised that although work is being performed in the office and remotely, local County Assistance Offices are not open to the public at this time.  Phone calls to local offices are being answered and here is LIHEAP Client Hotline:  1-866-857-7095 for assistance with the program or to request an application be sent to them in November when the program opens.  All County Assistance Offices also have an external ‘drop box’ or mail slot in the door to drop off an application or pending information.

Community Aid Donation Bin

Community Aid 2

Please help keep Community Aid supporting our Borough.

  • Do not place trash in the Community Aid bin.
  • Do not place donations on the ground. If our bin is full please bring donations back another day. Any donations ruined by weather are considered trash.

Community Aid 3

When donations are left outside of the bin, donations go from gracious donations to wasted gifts the moment they are impacted by wet weather. All weather ruined donations become trash. This negatively impacts Community Aids ability to support Catawissa Borough.

If the Community Aid bin is full, please take your donation to your local Community Aid Donation Center at 1070 N Susquehanna Trail, Selinsgrove, PA 17870. Please give your community information so Catawissa Borough can receive proper credit for your donation.


Residential Rental Unit Inspection Check List & Rental Ordinance Fees

The following link is a printable copy of the inspection list used for Catawissa Borough Residential Rental Property Inspections:

Residential Rental Unit Inspection Checklist


The fees for registration, licensing and inspection are as set herein below:

Amended fees for licensing and inspection are set herein under Resolution 10-2020

fees amended




To schedule a Residential Rental Property Inspection click here.