Feral Cat Program


Borough Residents there is grant money available through PA Pets for anyone interested in helping with the trapping , neutering and release of the feral cats within the borough. Many residents have shared their concerns with this ongoing issue. Now is the time to get involved! The fees for spaying/ neutering of Feral Cats caught in the Catawissa Borough are now free until all of the grant money is used up. Applications are available at the Catawissa Borough Hall at 307 Main Street from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday or you can contact PA Pets Representative Jo Wright at 1-610-283-1832. Make sure when filling out your application, where the income guidelines are please cross that out and write “Catawissa Cat Grant Project”. This has been done for you on the applications available at the Borough Hall.

Catawissa Community Center Open For Rentals

Catawissa Borough is accepting reservations for our Community Center located at 319 Pine St Catawissa. The fee is $30 for Catawissa Residents and $50 for non-residents plus a $100  security deposit. The Community Center can be rented for a Business Event, Private Use, Community Sponsored Event or a Non- Profit Meeting. A copy of the Rental Policy is available for review Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at The Catawissa Borough Hall 307 Main St. Catawissa.

Website Email

If you have a potential emergency or a potential hazard please contact the Catawissa Police Department at 570-356-7102 or call the non emergency number at the Columbia County Dispatch Center at 570-784-6300.

The email or comment section of the website is not attended to on a 24 hour basis. The Borough wants everyone with an emergency to get the help they need.

Catawissa Electric & Sewer Payments

Effective today, 02/06/18, First Columbia Bank & Trust @ 317 Main Street, Catawissa will be the ONLY branch accepting Catawissa Borough Electric/Sewer payments. If you have been paying at a different branch/location in another vicinity, they will no longer be accepted. The Borough offers numerous choices to pay your bill, including a night/after hours drop off box, credit card over the phone, mail and the FCBT location in Catawissa as well as “in person” at the Borough Office, Monday thru Friday, 8am – 4:30pm.


Dumpsters for recycling are open to Borough Residents ONLY!

Residents are responsible for the separation of recyclable materials from solid waste as well as for their preparation and placement in appropriately labeled dumpsters.

Recyclables we accept:

Clear and Colored Glass (brown, green and blue) – All bottles and jars must be emptied and rinsed. And all caps and lids must be removed. NO window panes, light bulbs, mirrors, or ceramics allowed.

Metal  – Both steel and aluminum cans, aluminum foil, aluminum foil plates, metal pots & pans and small metal appliances. All must be emptied and rinsed.

Plastic – Includes #1 – #7 plastic bottles (soda, milk, shampoo, condiments, yogurt, butter, pet food and detergent). For all materials, empty and rinse, discard caps and lids, and flatten. NO plastic bags.

Paper (dry & clean) – Newspaper, magazines, shredded paper, phone books, paper bags, junk mail, envelopes, file folders and shredded paper.

Cardboard – Includes  corrugated cardboard, chipboard such as cereal, tissue, pasta and shoe boxes.  All cardboard and chipboard must be broken down.

For more on what we do not accept see our recycling link.

**Please note all recycling dumpsters located near the Borough Barn on S. 4th St. are under surveillance**