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If you have a potential emergency or a potential hazard please contact the Catawissa Police Department at 570-356-7102 or call the non emergency number at the Columbia County Dispatch Center at 570-784-6300.

The email or comment section of the website is not attended to on a 24 hour basis. The Borough wants everyone with an emergency to get the help they need.


Dumpsters for recycling are open to Borough Residents ONLY!

Residents are responsible for the separation of recyclable materials from solid waste as well as for their preparation and placement in appropriately labeled dumpsters.

Recyclables we accept:

Clear and Colored Glass (brown, green and blue) – All bottles and jars must be emptied and rinsed. And all caps and lids must be removed. NO window panes, light bulbs, mirrors, or ceramics allowed.

Metal  – Both steel and aluminum cans, aluminum foil, aluminum foil plates, metal pots & pans and small metal appliances. All must be emptied and rinsed.

Plastic – Includes #1 – #7 plastic bottles (soda, milk, shampoo, condiments, yogurt, butter, pet food and detergent). For all materials, empty and rinse, discard caps and lids, and flatten. NO plastic bags.

Paper (dry & clean) – Newspaper, magazines, shredded paper, phone books, paper bags, junk mail, envelopes, file folders and shredded paper.

Cardboard – Includes  corrugated cardboard, chipboard such as cereal, tissue, pasta and shoe boxes.  All cardboard and chipboard must be broken down.

For more on what we do not accept see our recycling link.

**Please note all recycling dumpsters located near the Borough Barn on S. 4th St. are under surveillance**





Free Weatherization Services in Columbia County

If you live in Columbia County and live your home year round. You may qualify for free weatherization services.

Some of these services can include:

  • Insulation, sealing air leaks
  • Heat system repairs and insulation, water pipe insulation
  • Refrigerator/freezer and hot water heater replacements
  • Energy-efficient lighting, faucet aerators, smart strips
  • Thermostats, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, ventilation fans
  • Indoor air quality tests, corrective action

Follow this link to find more information:


CRIMEWATCH is making the world safer. One community at a time.

Catawissa Borough will be participating in “CRIMEWATCH” a public access reporting system for law enforcement.

Download the CRIMEWATCH mobile application and stay up to date with crime in your area. The CRIMEWATCH app lets you browse near by crime and anonymously submit tips to authorities.

If you would like to learn more about the CRIMEWATCH app visit their website at







“Catawissa Dreaming”: Making Catawissa the place people want to hang their hats

The Catawissa Borough Economic Development Committee invites all current and former borough residents to complete an online survey designed to learn what residents want from their Borough in terms of making Catawissa a “place people want to hang their hats.” It is your chance to share your vision and ‘dreams’ for Catawissa — what the town has meant to you in the past, what it means now, and what you’d like like it to become in the future.

You can complete the survey online at . The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and will remain open for at least a month.