If you receive a call from a company posing as Catawissa Billing Collections do not give out any of your financial or personal information. This is a scam!!

The Borough does all of the utility billing and collection of payments in house. The Borough does not use a third party service.

If you are concerned about your utility billing please call the Borough Office at 570-356-2561.

Brush Pickup Guidelines

Brush pick up will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday (weather and work schedule permitting). If you would like to notify the Borough of your need for a pick up please call 570-356-2561.

Please make note of the following brush pick up guidelines:

All brush must be place by the curb or alleyway. Public Works Employees will NOT enter your yard for a pick up.

All branches must be stacked with cut end out and in the same direction for safe handling.

Branches can NOT be longer than 6 ft. Please keep in mind these branches need to be lifted by an employee. If you feel the weight is too heavy for one person please cut the branches smaller in length.

Large piles of limbs may have to wait a few days to be chipped. Please plan accordingly if you do not want your limbs laying by your curb/alleyway during a certain time frame.

All loose vegetation (leaves, vines, weeds, etc.) must be bagged.

No dog or cat waste is allowed in any brush pick up piles, bags or containers. Brush will NOT be picked up if any waste is found or the Borough will discontinue pick at said address.

If any of the guidelines are not followed brush, vegetation etc. will not be picked up. If you have any questions please fell free to call the Borough Hall at 570-356-2561

Thank You,

Street Department Superintendent

Electric Bills Lost or Delayed from Postal Service

For the past several months, there has been an issue with electric bills that are mailed not being delivered or arriving late to residents.  Please be aware the bills go to Harrisburg and back because they are bulk mail. They do not come from Catawissa’s local Post Office.

If residents do not receive their bill by the seventh of the month, call the Borough Hall at 570-356-2561, and we will prepare a replacement bill.  The Borough is not waiving late penalties for bills due to issues with mailed bills.

The Borough also offers options to customers to have bills sent electronically each month to an email account, instead of through the mail, as well as ACH payments, ACH payments will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the 15th of the each month.

The ACH Form can be found under the Forms menu. Please fill out and return to the Borough Hall with a voided check.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing. We are all at the mercy of the postal service.