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APPOINTMENT:  Zoning Hearing Board Vacancy

Catawissa Borough is seeking to fill a vacancy on its Zoning Hearing Board that occurred on January 1, 2019.  The appointment is for a three year term.  While the individual needs no prior experience, a willingness to familiarize oneself with the borough zoning ordinances and related Pennsylvania municipal regulations would be beneficial.

The individual cannot be a current holder of an elected and/or appointed office or position within the borough.  The individual cannot be a borough employee. The individual must be a resident of the borough.

The Zoning Hearing Board meets on an as needed basis to conduct hearings and make decisions related to borough zoning issues that include variances, special exceptions, validity uses, non-conforming uses, and procedural appeals.

Please send letters of interest to Catawissa Borough 307 Main Street Catawissa, PA 17820. The Catawissa Council will consider an appointment for the vacancy at a public meeting to be determined at The Catawissa Borough Hall 307 Main St., Catawissa, Pennsylvania.


Connie M. Cole

Borough Secretary