Catawissa Electric & Sewer Payments

Effective today, 02/06/18, First Columbia Bank & Trust @ 317 Main Street, Catawissa will be the ONLY branch accepting Catawissa Borough Electric/Sewer payments. If you have been paying at a different branch/location in another vicinity, they will no longer be accepted. The Borough offers numerous choices to pay your bill, including a night/after hours drop off box, credit card over the phone, mail and the FCBT location in Catawissa as well as “in person” at the Borough Office, Monday thru Friday, 8am – 4:30pm.

3 thoughts on “Catawissa Electric & Sewer Payments

  1. I have been informed if a tenant does not pay their electric bill, it falls to the landlord to pay plus penalties. How is this fair to a landlord?


    • I would be happy to email you a copy of Resolution 2013-08 passed on July 8, 2013 regarding the Billing and Collecting of the Utility Services offered by the Catawissa Borough. You may also attend a council meeting to discuss any concerns you may have.

      Thank You,
      Connie M. Cole
      Borough Secretary


  2. How is it fair to a landlord when a tenant knows if they don’t pay their electric bill, it becomes the responsibility of a landlord to pay the bill plus penalties?


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